Fun Games to Play During Your Holiday Road Trip

2017 Ford Escape Titanium

Hitting the road with friends and family can be exhilarating at first, but it may get boring after a few hours on the road. Have some fun with the upcoming season by checking out these games to play during your holiday road trip.


To play this game, passengers raise 10 fingers. One person then states “Never have I ever (activity).” Those in the group who have done the activity must lower a finger. The game continues until only one person has any fingers remaining, at which point that person wins.

20 Questions

20 Questions is a universal game that’s great for young children. To start the game, select a person, place, or object. Other passengers will ask yes-or-no questions until someone can guess what the person, place, or object is. If the game gets to the twentieth question, each player has one more guess. If no one manages to guess the answer, the player who selected the person, place, or object wins.

I Spy

I Spy is a straightforward game that can be a great way to pass a few hours on the road. One person selects an object and says “I spy with my little eye something that’s (color, texture, or another adjective).” Players then try to guess the correct object. Common ideas include landmarks, planes, and mountains.

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