It’s Time to Spring Clean Your Car!

It's time to spring clean your car with these tips from Mike Raisor Auto Group

Now that the warm weather is here, it’s time to spring clean your car. These easy tips will help you get your car feeling as fresh as the spring rain.

Wash the Tires

Chances are your car’s tires have been through a lot over the winter. Show them a little care by washing them off with a tire cleaning spray and a tire brush.

Spray the Undercarriage

If you spent any time driving on roads covered in salt, the undercarriage of your car is probably still carrying that mess with it. Salt can cause damage to your car if it’s not washed off, so be sure to give it a good cleaning by spraying it with a power wash.

Remove Clutter

Start with your car’s interior by cleaning out any clutter, from items you’ve been storing in the trunk to straw wrappers and receipts that have found a home on the floor.


Take decluttering a step further with a shop vacuum. You can use a strong vacuum to get into crevices like cupholders and vents, as well as using it to pick up debris and dirt from the floors and seats.


If your vehicle has cloth seats, use a mild shampoo from an auto parts store to wash both seats and floor mats. If the seats are leather, you will be able to find a safe leather cleaner that will do the job.

For more spring cleaning tips, or to have us touch up your ride for you, visit us at Mike Raisor Auto Group.

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